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Video Shows Woman Banging on Ambulance Accusing Them of Organ Harvesting

The video below was posted on YouTube by user “Batter Up” and is painful to watch for a number of reasons but shows the wild perspectives of some in the community.  Watch with discretion, tin foil hat optional.

According to the videographer, she is a “Military and CIA Family” and “I see things you don’t.”

The folks at Albuquerque Ambulance show impressive, professional conduct at the scene when the sister of their patient begins to bang on the ambulance doors and disrupt patient care.  Full disclosure, I did my internship at AAS and still communicate with a number of folks in ABQ.

She mentions her name on the video and posted it in the public sphere so let me address her directly:

Jennifer (Audi perhaps?)

You need to quit drinking.  Or you need a Snickers bar.

The Paramedics could have taken care of your brother if you had just shut up and let them do their jobs.  You clearly have issues with authority and don’t understand how the internet works so let me educate you on a few things:

  1. Ambulances registered and licensed to operate emergency lights and sirens can indeed park on the street when indicated.  Judging by your video the traffic is backed up for miles there on Central Avenue.  I know, I attended UNM and worked at the Frontier for a year.  Your claim at the end that they’re blocking a hydrant is the only accurate thing you said in this 9 minutes of word vomit.
  2. Officer Daniel Webster deserves respect, not to be used as an example in your drunken tirade.  He was a soldier and police officer and was murdered by a felon at a traffic stop.  According to your credentials as a military police daughter you should know better.  But, judging by your reaction to APD coming by you have no connection to Law Enforcement whatsoever.  No Cop’s daughter I know would even raise her voice to a seven point star, let alone puff up and be as rude as you were.  Officer Webster is above your little misconceptions.  You leave him out of this from now on.
  3. “APD Homicide Detective, best Dick I ever had.”  Clever.  How is that working out for you?
  4. Organ harvesting happens when people are already dead, incase that CIA Military police family of yours is misinformed.  If we were harvesting organs, we’d be rich and probably try to hide it better than parking a giant van on the street at night with bright flashing lights.
  5. You are a special kind of crazy, do you know that?

Banging on the side of an ambulance to make them go away rarely works.  The reason they weren’t getting out was because of your actions.  Had you shut up and let them do their jobs perhaps your opinion of their actions would change.  Oh, who am I fooling.


The only possible thing I can even try to give you credit for is the possible belief that organ donation after death somehow impacts the soul of the inhabitant, a notion I had heard more than once in my 8 years in your community, including on a Reservation.


But, I think I’m giving you far too much credit.  If this is what you choose to do in public and share in public I shudder to think of what you might say and do in private.


Leave the Paramedics alone, Jennifer.  What if one day you need them and someone else gets in their way?

Yup, that’s what I thought.

Share this video.  This is too precious not to spread.


Oh my.  This isn’t an isolated occurrence.  Jennifer, just sit down before someone else gets hurt.


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  2. Trevor Poole December 1, 2015 7:40 pm

    Here’s a video taken by a third-party of the same woman interrupting a meeting between the Justice Department and the public in April 2014.


    Another video of her talking about how the APD is the “best Dick in town”.


    Yeah, she’s certifiably insane and a huge believer in the gangstalking conspiracy theory (re: an unlikely number of people being manipulated to slightly annoy you by doing things you are sensitized to like, for example, driving red cars or wearing red shirts). You can read more about the Gangstalking conspiracy theory in this Cracked article: http://www.cracked.com/blog/4-unhealthy-mentalities-internet-turned-into-movements_p2/

    • Trevor Poole December 1, 2015 7:42 pm

      Sorry, I should have said “sensitized to notice, such as”, not “sensitized to like”.

    • Justin December 2, 2015 7:51 am

      Thanks Trevor, I’m reading up on it since I saw some of her videos. Fascinating how the mind works sometimes. Thanks for reading.

  3. Barbara Jeffries December 2, 2015 7:18 am

    Justin, I have observer bias because I’m a psych nurse. But it seems to me that this young woman is delusional and possibly psychotic. Some haldol or zyprexa might be in order to treat her psychosis.
    At any rate I hope her parents see this video and search out help for her.

  4. Angela December 2, 2015 1:46 pm

    Do you watch Orange is the New Black? This woman sounds exactly like pennsatucky……

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