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Changes are a-comin’

Hey gang,


This is one of those blogger break notifications we use from time to time to step away from the keyboard and gather our thoughts.

You may have noticed that over the last year or so my thoughts have been fewer and far between here at HMHQ and that was because I was focusing on other outlets.  Speaking, writing an ebook of scenarios and working on another ebook about the 101 Things Your Fire Department Wishes you Knew.

Most of you saw me contributing to for the last 2 years with this article about that or that list about this.

I have decided to focus less on lists and deadlines and more on ranting and continuing to impact this thing we still call EMS.  I miss the days of picking fights with DiverMedic, TOTWTYTR, Kelly and Scott and Chris (Before he went and made CPP so successful) (and after).  I miss late night conversations with Ted and MArk about what huge project was next.  I miss when we were so excited to change things for the better we began to see it happen.  I lost sight of all that.

Time to regain focus.  But first, we cleanse the palette.

These next couple weeks I’ll be taking the family to the Great White North for a few weeks to get our heads screwed back on.  Remember last year when I told you about the fallacy of the bucket list?  Places, not things.

So we’re going some places.


The feeds will be quiet until July but with any luck I’ll have a huge announcement about the future of this little therapy experiment and what could he an amazing opportunity for your ol’ pal Happy to spread his wings and try something new.


Keep checking back, I’ve been known to take 4 day month long breaks in the past.


Stay safe and put your seat belt back on,


The Sounds of Silence

I have written before about the senses in EMS, the things we see, smell and feel.  I was prepared to write about the worst things we hear when I read an article that stopped me in my tracks.  I had to sit down here in the house and collect my thoughts while fighting back tears […]

I know that feel, Bro

My new article at Uniform Stories talks about the worst things I’ve felt as a Paramedic.  Mainly it focuses on tactile feeling instead of emotional feeling but of course when things are bad the two intertwine.   In the wake of the Orlando mass murder, many folks are sharing how hard it would be to […]

TCS – Ep 59 – SHOOT HIM!

In this week’s episode, HM and MC jump directly into the topic with little folderol and even less brouhaha. On May 28, 2016, Flagstaff officers shot and killed an attempted carjacker who was armed at the time of the incident. Whilst that may seem par for the course, that really isn’t the bigger story. The bigger […]

CISD with OK GO part VI

CISD – Critical Incident Stress Debriefing OK GO – A band   This is another in what I thought was a complete series of dealing with PTSD using the music of OK GO.  For over 4 years I’ve been seeing parts of my recovery in the lyrics of their songs and the images of their […]

the Crossover – Ep 56 – Rooms for Shooting

In this week’s episode, HM and MC talk about a concept making the rounds in certain circles of the world: Shoot Up Rooms. You read that right. Sanctioned rooms staffed with medical types (we hope) to make sure you don’t die whilst cramming poisonous substances into your arm. They also clear the air about Nalaxone […]

the Ballad of Big Dave

My father, the Angry Captain, and our family is having a rough year.  Just over a year ago my grandmother, his mother, died suddenly from an apparent stroke. All 5 children, scattered to the ends of America, were able to reassemble before her passing and I had the honor of being there in the hospital […]

the Crossover Episode 55 – Text me Bro

In this week’s episode, HM and MC talk about new possible tech in NYC that would allow officers investigating collisions to determine if involved parties were using their cell phone immediately preceding the collision. Should we be worried about violations of a little thing called the Fourth Amendment? HM and MC have a little fun and go […]

Why vs How and Book vs Street

As of today the argument that street smarts outweighs learning from a book will be officially retired.  At the same time, the demand for an Associates degree before hitting the streets will also be retired. Why? Because one can not succeed without the other.  We all agree this is true and for years have been […]

A Mother’s Day Crossover Show

I know what you’re thinking. “Those guys drink and swear all the time, would their mother actually attend?” We had MC’s mom in studio not long ago and she did not disappoint! It seems the ego didn’t fall far from the tree because she has insisted on being #MCsMom. No mystery where he gets it, […]

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