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What’s with the French?

A few of you have sent messages about the weird post I put up completely in what Google Translate calls French.  It was an apology to a person I couldn’t communicate with.  Emails to me said, “I can’t understand what you’re trying to say” and ” Why not just tell us what you wanted to say in French?”


I wanted to see if, even using the tools we have, if I could convey myself and I kind of could.  Sort of.


Point of the post was to show that even when we think communication is happening, the meaning may not be getting through.


Thanks for reading,


the Crossover – Ep 69 – Twelve Ninety

In this week’s episode, MC and HM discuss Selma, Alabama, and their issues with pay. Two days in a row, officers called in “sick” (what is referred to as the “Blue Flu”) to show solidarity and unity with regard to their abysmal pay. The guys talk about solutions (some of which are likely to be […]


Votre mère était malade et ne pouvait pas parler.  Vous ne parlez pas ma langue.  J’ai essayé de mon mieux, mais je n’avais aucune idée que les hommes qui ressemblaient à moi ton père ont enlevé il y a une semaine et vous ai jamais revoyiez.  Vous étiez tellement peur que tu m’as fait peur.  […]

the Crossover Show – Ep 67 – Traffic Stops and Profiling

In this week’s episode, HM and MC discuss Hamden, Connecticut’s police chief and his request for his officers to conduct traffic stops based on moving violations instead of mechanical violations. You can read the piece for yourself here. Why, you ask? Seems the Hamden PD has been stopping a more significant amount of mechanical violations when […]

Actually, Officer, No.

Officer Unclear on the Concept strikes again.   Dispatched to a diabetic male, unable to walk.  On arrival witnesses state a man seemed tired and has now walked over 100 meters. When they finally caught up with the tired looking man he was accompanied by a police officer. “What seems to be the trouble tonight […]

It Really isn’t that hard to try

A little bit of effort goes a long way. I recently had the opportunity of tending to a fellow who tripped over a suitcase being pulled by someone in a hurry.  He took a tumble and broke a finger.  It hurt like hell and we did our best to get him comfortable, recommending a trip […]

When Patients Don’t Play by the Old Rules

You had a simple job, Mr patient.  All you had to do was follow the script.  I am highly trained and very experienced in the interventions you needed.  I have done countless thousands of chest compressions, delivered many score of shocks and can interpret dozens of heart rhythms. You collapsed to the ground. I specialize […]

Letters in the File – Oklaloosa Selfies

Man is this typewriter dusty!  I haven’t written anyone up in a long time!  When this story first came across the feed I thought to myself, “No one is that stupid.” I can be funny sometimes.  People are indeed that stupid. Kayla Dubois and Christopher Wimmer (Not winner) have been arrested for taking self portrait […]

the Crossover Podcast – Ep 64 – Turning Passion into Retirement

In this week’s episode, HM and MC welcome back their last guest (because he wasn’t allowed to leave after finishing the prior week’s recording), Keith Graves with Graves and Associates. Keith and the guys talk about something that should be on every first responder’s three-discipliner’s mind: What in the world to do after retirement? Most cops try and […]

Why Pokemon GO is so much like EMS

Like many of the man children in the world I too downloaded Pokemon GO to see what all the fuss was about.  The idea seems OK, you go around trying to pick up creatures from random places, then try to find large arenas where you can compare yours to others. My, God…we already play this […]

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