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Less CSI, More Columbo

Recently the TV company offered us a couple extra channels for being with them for 10 years.  I’d prefer a discount on the channels I don’t watch instead, but whatever.  As the wife went through the new channels looking for movies to record she stumbled upon one of my favorite TV shows: Columbo.

Seeing the bumbling, confused Detective Lieutenant solve crime after crime using his observation skills was far more interesting than modern crime fighting shows like CSI.  They were all technology and little observation.  Columbo was all observation with a possible side dish of science when they could.

As I watched an episode of Peter Falk uttering his famous phrase, “Just one more question, Ma’am” I thought to myself, “Huh…how many Medics are Columbos and how many are CSIs?”


Let’s break it down…

Columbo Medics:

Act on hunches based on experience,

Observe, observe and observe again,

Only ask questions they already know the answer to,

Rely on evidence rather than data suggesting an outcome


CSI Medics:

Run all tests possible and scan results,

Observe, but record for later review,

Collect all information,

Use data to influence outcome



Not sure where I fall or whether one is better than the other, but I will add this little tidbit:  While introducing HM JRSR to the program and explaining that there are no computers, cell phones or other advantages afforded modern detectives she said, “So he solves crimes by talking to people, collecting clues and putting them together?  I like that!”


Kind of the same…but kind of not the same.  I’d still rather be a Columbo than a CSI…


Me and Mrs Fishbiscuit…just one more question, ma’am…

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