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Tip of the Helmet – Bj’s Brewhouse

Hi internet.

Bet you thought I was dead.

Nope, just lurking.


Had to pass along another tip of the Helmet I ran across this weekend on a family trip.

Up to Sacramento, CA for the Irish Dance Competition for the Jrs (Feis they call it. Pronounced fesh) and we need to get some dinner.  A few miles from the host hotel is a restaurant we know and love BJ’s Brewhouse.  Good food, good beer and even if there is a playoff football game on it won’t be crazy busy.

I like their beer selection and there’s always a new brew or two of theirs I haven’t tried yet.

As I was eyeing the menu I came across a special promotion: Buy a Hero a Beer.

You know I’m all about that!

Here’s how it works:

You goto the website HERE and complete the form.  They need your name, email and Department affiliation.

Moments later your email has a discount code the waitress will apply towards a free beer.  All you have to do is show ID or a business card to prove you’re in the disciplines.

Then it is super easy to have the server add a beer to the list in your name for the next hero to wander in.


The website will let you know if there are any beers available at your chosen location.  When I looked it up there were 4 beers available.  I took one, I left one, so it was right back to 4.


Love the program BJ’s!  Here’s a tip of the helmet!

And if you get a moment, maybe swap out the French firefighters on your page for some of the local boys?  Thanks!

the Crossover Show – Episode Eighty Eight

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